An audio-visual performance, inspired by W. Reich’s 'Listen, Little Man' aims at exploring the aspects of vulnerability from a political, cultural, and psychological perspective. Materialism, racism, victim blaming, manipulation, and human rights’ violation become more and more part of our reality. Is sociopathy the new trend or are we still able to demonstrate empathy?

An audiovisual performance - music composition that explores the interrelation between sound and image. Sound recordings and images blend together with computer generated sonic material, creating a world of contrasts: real, imaginary, visible, invisible, seen, and unseen realities.

Unseen at Plein Theater - Amsterdam, September 2021


Exploring the hidden gardens (binnentuinen) of Amsterdam Oud West, a project in collaboration with Mayke Haringhuizen and Sonic West.

Double CD with Audio interviews, Compositions, and an (online) soundwalk

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