Post Scriptum 2 (2017) - Various Artists

Music From The Institute of Sonology


Audio DH (2016) - Various Artists

Sonic Manifestations from 250 creators from Den Haag

Moments in Time (2013) - EP


For a list of past live shows and events, click here.

Moments in Time: 2010-2014 (2019) - Series of pieces composed for acoustic instruments and electronics during the period of 2010-2014

Sound Portraits (2018) -  The Sound Portraits were part of an installation that  included a series of photographic portraits created by the photographer Chrisa Sereti

EXQUISITE CORPSE - recomposing the body

Listen to fragments and interviews of the performance that took place in Amsterdam on 23/11/2019 in Vrije Geluiden - Radio 4 here